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man with key for leased car in miami

There are a lot of misconceptions about car leases in Miami Florida. We speak with countless customers who have information that is simply not accurate, and they are shocked about how easy leasing a new car can be. 

Here is a list of the 3 most common myths about leasing a new car!


1. Leasing a car is expensive

Leasing a car is not expensive! In fact, it can be up to 30% cheaper than buying the same car. This is true especially if cars have a high residual value. High residual value is the largest part of the formula to determine the price of the lease. It is determined by the future expected value of the car. The longer the car holds its value and the less it depreciates, the cheaper the monthly lease payments, so with luxury car leases you can get the best deals. Also, there are huge benefits for taxes,

BMW luxury car lease driving in Miami

Over the 5 years the population in Miami, FL has grown almost 10% and the housing market has too. Incomes have grown by almost 30% giving families in South Florida more income and a better lifestyle. One of the status symbols, especially in Miami, is the car you drive. This is why there has been a massive growth in the luxury car lease industry. It is estimated that almost 50% of all new cars and luxury cars in Miami are leased. But where are there such amazing car lease deals in Miami? 

Car Lease Deals in Miami

One of the best reasons to lease a car in Miami is that you can get way more for your money. Car lease payments are often determined by one very important factor, the residual value. This is to say that a lease is often a given length, usually 3-5 years. Each year a car depreciates in value, some

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