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While most people prefer to purchase a car and then drive it forever until circumstances force them to invest in a new vehicle there are some benefits to leasing a car instead of buying one. While leasing is not for everyone here are some of the benefits that leasing a car can give you. Don’t forget, VIP Auto Lease Of Miami offers you the best prices on any make and model, guaranteed. This includes Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Jeep, GMC, RAM, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Volkswagen & every other car model under the sun that is available in the United States.

Drive Higher-Priced Cars Than You Can Afford to Buy

Most people who purchase a car have to compromise between the high priced car they really want and something more affordable that can actually afford to make monthly payments on. Since leasing a car normally requires lower monthly payments that purchasing a car outright, you can afford to drive around in a higher priced car with more features than you normally be able to purchase.

Little or No Down Payment

When you purchase a car you normally have to make a hefty down payment or at least have a decent car to trade-in to off set some of the down payment. When leasing a car you generally only have to a small down payment or in some cases aren’t required to have any down payment at all.

Lower Monthly Payments

When buying a new car your monthly payments can often be quite high really cutting into your budget. Even a good used car may be required monthly payments that can be quite significant. However, when leasing a car you often get lower monthly payments because you are only paying for a portion of the car’s actual cost instead of the whole price.

Little or No Maintenance Cost

Another benefit of leasing a car is that you usually have little or no out of pocket maintenance costs. Most lease cars are covered under the manufactured warranty, which often pays for scheduled maintenance and sometimes even free oil checks. In addition, most of the costly mechanical problems that develop in cars normally develops long after your lease would expire.

Can Drive A Newer Car More Often

When leasing a car you can drive a new car about every 3 years. Since most people pay off one car before buying another they can only afford to purchase a new car about every 7 years since it takes roughly that long to pay off purchase price in full.

No Worrying About Trade-in Value When Upgrading

If you purchased a car and now are ready for a new car you either have to worry about getting a good trade-in value for your old car or selling your old car to help with the down payment that new car you won’t. When you lease a car you don’t need to worry about trading in or selling the car at the end of the lease you simply turn it back in.

While you don’t actually own any equity in a leased car like you do a car you purchase, there are some great benefits to leasing a car instead of buying. You just have to decide if leasing a car is right for you and your needs.


*Lease prices may reflect conquest, rebates, one pay or loyalty incentives. Please inquire for more information. VIP Auto Group is not franchised dealer.
*Zero down leases are subject to state taxes, bank fees, title fees, first month payments and registration fees.


VIP Auto Of Miami is a full service car leasing company that puts the power of buying a new car in the customer’s hands. Since opening our doors in 2007, we’ve made sure that our promise stays true: no pushy salespeople, no haggling, and a guarantee that to our dear customers that we will provide the lowest possible price with industry class service.




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