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The best place to lease 2021 Rolls Royce in Miami FL

The great news for Florida residents is that 2021 can be the year that you lease the ultimate luxury vehicle on the market, a Rolls Royce. The 2021 Rolls Royce lineup has new editions and new features making them more desirable than ever. And with our amazing lease specials in Miami, you can lease any one of the following 2021 Rolls Royce models easier than ever:

  • Phantom
  • Phantom Extended
  • Cullinan
  • Ghost
  • Ghost Extended
  • Wraith
  • Dawn
  • Black Badge

With all this opulent exuberance, balanced with unbridled performance comes a steep price that few of us mere mortals find so arduous to afford. That is unless you contact the very best Rolls-Royce lease deals in Miami. Our very own special incentives and the sense wowing lease rates, which is generally unbeatable in the whole of Miami is aligned to help you secure a Rolls Royce lease on any model in the lineup. Besides our one of a kind lease rates, we are also dedicated to ensuring that the whole leasing processing was a relishing experience worth every bit of time and effort.

Rolls-Royce has always stood to be the very best when it comes to first-rate luxury and most exceptional quality. Its unbeatable comfort mixed with the most exquisite interior materials and a classic assortment of premium novel tech amenities and class-leading standard security features gives the vehicle its highly reverenced opulence and class. The true greatness of a Rolls-Royce lies beyond its out of the world exclusivity and excellent craftsmanship in the designs. It hinges on the automobiles’ reliable robust powertrain with top of the segment performance and surprisingly smooth handling. A simple cruise with any of its classic models will give you the feeling of heaven in an automobile.

VIP Auto lease in Miami is determined to make you feel that heaven in an automobile by granting you the very seemingly impossible-made possible leasing terms. Our lease guarantee that the full power to buy is in your hands. A no headache, no stress, and no imposed sales approach is all we promise our teeming customers. With a lineup of striking sedans, coupes, and convertibles, such as the Cullinan, Phantom, Wraith, Ghost, and Dawn, You can always make your choice from the unending inventory of the most delicate and most luxurious and powerful 2021 lineup of the Rolls-Royce.

Rolls Royce Lease FAQ:

What is the most popular Rolls Royce to lease in Miami?

The new 2021 Rolls Royce Phantom is a V12 563 horsepower, a full-sized luxury car that sets the bar in the luxury car market. available to lease in Miami. It can be leased for as low as $375.00 per month from VIP Auto of Miami.

Can I lease a new Bentley with 0 down?

Yes! Most of our new Bentley models can be leased with 0 down payment at VIP Auto Lease of Miami. Contact us today for a free quote!

What are the benefits of leasing a Rolls Royce?

Leasing a 2021 Rolls Royce is by far the most affordable way to drive one of the most high-quality vehicles in the world today.  Leasing allows you to pay a lower monthly price and lower taxes than can ever be possible when buying,

When I lease a Rolls Royce, how many miles can I drive a year?

8,000 miles per year is the standard annual mileage limit for a Rolls Royce in Miami. Customers that require more are able to pay extra for more miles.

Can I buy my lease at the end of the contract?

Most Rolls Royce lease contracts in Miami are flexible and have options to trade in the vehicle at the end of the lease for another or to purchase it for a discounted price.

How often should my leased Rolls Royce be serviced?

When you lease a new Rolls Royce it is best to have the car services every 3,000-7,000 miles depending on the driving conditions. They include an automatic oil monitor system to help you remember.

Is a 2021 Rolls Royce a safe vehicle?

Yes, a 2021 Rolls Royce includes many of the top safety features on the market like:

  • Anti Whiplash head restraints
  • Front, side, overhead and knee airbags
  • Blind sport monitoring
  • Forward collision warning


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