Car Lease FAQS And Credit Score

One of the easiest ways to drive the latest cars, without having a huge amount of cash lying around waiting to be spent on a car is through leasing. You don’t have to be stuck to your old car model. The thing is when you buy a car; you get to drive it for like six years, then you wake one morning realizing that you’re stuck with the car. Even at that, selling the car will be another struggle. When you eventually sell it, you end up getting nothing close to what you paid. This is without considering the amount you’ve spent on repairs & maintenance of the car.

In as much as car leasing offers many benefits, obtaining a car lease can be an overwhelming adventure. Prior knowledge of leasing will be of great advantage in facilitating a fair and less stressful deal for you. Below are the frequently asked questions you should know the answers to before going ahead, negotiating, or sealing your new car leasing agreement.

Should I lease or buy a car?

Perhaps, this should be the first question you should ask yourself before proceeding to meet any lease dealer. Car purchase and leasing are both methods of auto financing. With buying, you own the vehicle, whereas, in leasing, you’re paying to drive the vehicle for a certain amount of time, maybe for two or three years. Car leasing has lots of benefits attached to it. It is advantageous to drivers that prefer new vehicles, have a flexible taste in auto, and do not want to deal with the hassle of selling their cars later on. On the other end, purchasing the car is the perfect option for drivers who are more concerned with long-term costs and needs.

What is the cost of the car lease? 

Find out all the costs and what they are before you proceed with your new lease arrangement. There can be several charges that you haven’t thought of, and you should know what each one is and when it needs to be paid. Check out for free offers, as most dealerships do provide zero-down lease offers (be careful not to get carried away by such offers). As a rule of thumb, the bigger the down payment, the lower the monthly payment vis a vis. You can always count on our lease deals in Miami, Florida, to offer the best bargain.

Can one buy the lease car?

In most auto lease deeds, there’s always a buy-out clause in them. However, you should also know that the purchase price of the vehicle is subject to the vehicle’s residual value at the end of the lease contract. Some lease deals allow for buy out before the end of the lease. Before sealing any lease agreement, go through the contents of the deal over again. You can decide to consult your financial manager or attorney for assistance. Always feel free to demand explanations from the dealer on any paragraph you fail to comprehend.

Can I lease a used car? 

Well, you definitely can lease a used car, but there are several points you should be aware of before going for that. The car usually has to be less than 48 months old and covered less than 48,000 miles. This is an unpopular fact in auto leasing.

How long is the lease? 

The lease duration is worth considering. Auto lease duration can range from 12 months, 24 months, and 48 months or even above that. You can negotiate the lease deal to suit your schedule.

Can the lease be extended? 

You don’t need to get so beat up trying to find out if your lease deal can be extended, though it’s worth asking first before going ahead with the deal. It is possible to extend the lease deal.

Can I terminate the lease deal early? 

Auto lease deal quite like every other contract is legally bounding the parties involved, and they are subject to stick to the terms of the deed. So, if you feel like handing the car back to the dealer before the end of the lease agreement, you will have to pay an early termination charge. Before signing the lease agreement, ask the dealer how much the termination fee will cost. It should be cleared written in the document. However, you can escape the termination fee by making use of a lease assumption (or a lease swap).

What happens at the end of the lease?

At the end of the lease deal, you have to return the car to the dealer who will have to check the car for any damages. If there’s one, you will have to pay for it. Some dealers will require that you make an upfront payment for wear and tear in the vehicle. This is commonly known as ‘security deposit.’ However, if you’re wondering where all the cars go at the end of the lease, a visit to the caution room should provide the answer.

What is the mileage allowance, what happens if I go over this? 

Most lease car contracts lucidly state the exact mileage you can cover with the car. This is known as the ‘mileage allowance.’ Once you exceed the given mileage, you will be charged for every mile at a set rate per mile. If you think you may go over the set mileage, bargain for a lower extra mileage rate with your dealer before going off with your new ride.

Does a car lease include maintenance?

The maintenance provisions that come with most lease deeds are one of the highlights of auto leasing. Although this may vary depending on the dealer and the lease terms, however, you are solely responsible for the basic care of the car.

Can I get a lease with bad credit?

The possibility of getting a car lease even with poor credit should not be overruled. Albeit, it might be quite difficult securing one due to your poor credit rating. If you persevere, you can land yourself a great deal even with your not appreciable credit score.

Does car leasing require a good credit score?

The subprime credit score falls around 620. A credit score lower than the 620 can spring some upsets in negotiating a lease deal. If you have a good credit score (up to 680), you are going to find it easy leasing as many dealers will be open for you. Also, you will land yourself the best deals like what’s on the ads. If your credit score is low, you will have to pay more in down payment and probably in monthly payments too.

Bottom Line

Auto leasing is gaining much popularity among auto consumers in the US because it offers many a chance to drive the cars they want, often better cars than they can afford to buy. Moreover, the low monthly payments are a big attraction to auto leasing. However, leasing has got its downsides. It is therefore pertinent for you to go for it after getting your priorities right and ensuring that leasing is the right solution to your needs.

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