The Glamour & Prestige Of A Bentley Explained

Bentley is a name that oozes great pride and prestige. With its impeccable styling and beautiful interiors crafted from the finest materials of the earth, Bentley is in a league of their own, a renowned automobile for glamour, class, and prestige, the British auto-machine is considered to be the ultimate driving machine.

Over the years, Bentley has pushed the boundaries of luxury, with its high level of sophistication, technology, manufacturing, and luxury, seen in all of its cars. Today, it is the brand of choice for many celebrities, businessmen, and affluent people, opting for famous models like the Bentley Mulsanne, the Flying Spur, and the Continental GT coupe. Its latest expansion into the hot pie SUV auto market has given rise to one of the best Bentley lease SUV, the Bentayga.

It All Started From The Onset

The story behind this unique auto brand that unapologetically captures class, style, and sophistication is full of turns and twists but quite an interesting one. Walter Bentley founded the company in 1919. The first Bentley car, the BR1, came off the production line in 1921. A year later, Bentley cars were seen at numerous races and hill-climbs around the UK and even the American Indianapolis 500 endurance race. From the very little beginning, there was no looking back as Bentley motors went on to make some of the most beautiful cars ever known.

The Bentley was primarily known as a racing car, winning lots of accolades and admiration along the line.  It has equally won many Le Mans trophies.

The company has also witnessed a fair share of the transition of ownership, from its sale 1931 to the Rolls Royce, down to its purchase by Volkswagen in 1998, and the BMW rights story. The company has always stood to consistently provide the very best vehicles with an upscale quality, top of the class features, and uncommon inventions.

The best Bentley Cars

Bentley cars have always been an insignia of glamor and prestige. From the Azure to the Arnage and Brooklands, all were only seem in the garage of accomplished figureheads in the society. Everything about the car, from its assembling to engineering and exclusive detailing makes it stand out from the rest.

The newest offering from this luxury brand auto company still retains a flair of Bentley’s rich tradition and regality, with more sumptuous spicing of the very top-notch modern amenities and upscale tech features. All this combines to give a more spacious, powerful, elegant, and fast Bentley car. Its engine, performance, and handling is a class to emulate. Comfort is second to none. The best Bentley lease cars include the most powerful, fastest, most luxurious SUV, the Bentayga, the executive prestigious Mulsanne, the classy and A-list celebrity brand Continental GT, and the exquisite Flying Spur.

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