Understanding The Luxury Car Lease Deals Of Miami

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Over the 5 years the population in Miami, FL has grown almost 10% and the housing market has too. Incomes have grown by almost 30% giving families in South Florida more income and a better lifestyle. One of the status symbols, especially in Miami, is the car you drive. This is why there has been a massive growth in the luxury car lease industry. It is estimated that almost 50% of all new cars and luxury cars in Miami are leased. But where are there such amazing car lease deals in Miami? 

Car Lease Deals in Miami

One of the best reasons to lease a car in Miami is that you can get way more for your money. Car lease payments are often determined by one very important factor, the residual value. This is to say that a lease is often a given length, usually 3-5 years. Each year a car depreciates in value, some cars more and some cars less. So car companies calculate what the car will be worth at the end of the lease term, and break the number it depreciated by into monthly payments. There are also other factors such as your credit score and income.


Luxury cars depreciate at a slower rate than budget cars. They are better made, both in the engine and the body and hold up longer, with fewer maintenance issues. Because of this leasing, a luxury car can sometimes save you as much as 30% when compared to the purchase price. There are also numerous benefits if you are leasing for independent contractors with regards to taxes and tax write-offs.

Best Luxury Cars To Lease

So then the next question is what are the best luxury cars to lease? 


There are several brands that are the most popular to lease in Miami, the first of which is a new 2021 BMW. BMW makes some very popular SUVs like the X1 SUV or the popular luxury compact car like the Series 3. You can lease some of the most popular BMWs for less than $400 per month.


Mercedes is a second luxury car that is very popular to lease.  Some new 2021 Mercedes can also be leased for less than $400 per month and have a huge selection like the BLE and GLB SUVs and the high-performance AMG series.

To lease  BMW, Mercedes, or any luxury car in Miami contact the local expert of car lease deals:

VIP Auto Lease Of Miami 620 75th St, Miami Beach, FL 33141 (786) 453-6868  https://www.vipleasemiami.com/

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