3 Common Myths About Leasing A New Car

There are a lot of misconceptions about car leases in Miami Florida. We speak with countless customers who have information that is simply not accurate, and they are shocked about how easy leasing a new car can be. 

Here is a list of the 3 most common myths about leasing a new car!


1. Leasing a car is expensive

Leasing a car is not expensive! In fact, it can be up to 30% cheaper than buying the same car. This is true especially if cars have a high residual value. High residual value is the largest part of the formula to determine the price of the lease. It is determined by the future expected value of the car. The longer the car holds its value and the less it depreciates, the cheaper the monthly lease payments, so with luxury car leases you can get the best deals. Also, there are huge benefits for taxes, especially with tax write-offs for small businesses.


2. You don’t get enough miles to drive every day

You can choose your mileage limits when you lease a car in Miami. VIP Auto Lease has flexible leasing terms that allow our customers to choose how many miles per year are included in the lease. If you don’t think you will drive a lot you can lease a car with 8,000 miles per year, if you will drive more you can choose 12,000 per year, or even more. Typically, the fewer miles in the contract will result in a cheaper lease price. But estimate carefully, because if you drive over the limit, there is a surcharge at the end of the contract.


3. You can only lease a car with perfect credit

People with low, medium or high credit scores can lease a car. Some higher-end luxury cars like a 2021 BMW or a 2021 Mercedes Benz might require a higher credit score like 680 or above. But for smaller cars and budget cars, we offer many incentives and promotions that allow people with all credit scores to lease their favorite car. However, if you have a higher lease score you will be able to negotiate for a lower lease price and get extra benefits like a zero down lease.

Our innovative online car lease system allows you to shop, get instant quotes, and get approved for the car of your dreams, without ever leaving your home.

To experience the safety features of any new 2021 GMC, why not save money and lease a car from the car lease specialist!

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