Introducing The All-New 2022 BMW Lineup: Review & Preview

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Performance, luxury, or refinement, you can never go wrong when you lease a new BMW. From sedans to wagons, coupes, SUVs, convertibles, and now EVs, every BMW is designed to offer the best in driving experience and luxury.

And for 2022, this German luxury legend is all out to offer more state-of-the-art tech amenities in its already sophisticated lineup. Two new models will be joining the 2022 BMW lineup, while most of its models will be getting the needed boost to compete more favorably in its ritzy class.

2022 BMW i4

Joining the BMW EV’s portfolio is the all-new 2022 BMW i4. This all-new electric sedan borrows so much from the 3-series. When it finally hits the showroom next year, the 2022 i4 is expected to be powered by two electric motors that can generate 536 horsepower.

2022 BMW iX

Further improving its EV portfolio, BMW is set to add another EV to join the already existing i8, i3, and the all-new i4. The all-new 2022 iX will be the brand’s first-ever all-electric SUV and the brand’s most tech-inclined car. This will be entry-level into the BMW’s electric luxury class. Its front and rear electric motors get 516 horsepower.

2022 BMW Z4

The 2022 BMW Z4 is much the same as its preceding year model. However, features like ambient lighting are no longer standard, while wireless smartphone charging has been dropped from the optional features.

2022 BMW 2 Series, 2 Series Gran Coupe

Moving into its all-new generation, the 2022 BMW 2-series affords so many desirable changes. While the powertrain is expected to be the same as its outgoing model, the all-new 2-series gets more performance add-ons. It also sports new looks and a better feel on the inside.

The 2-series Gran Coupe will remain much the same for the 2022 model year. But BMW will be adding some minor updates, including two new colors and tweaking of features.

2022 BMW 3-series

For 2022, the ever sporty and luxurious 3-series won’t be coming with any significant changes.

2022 BMW 4-series, 4-Gran Coupe

Like its sibs, the 3-series, the two-door 4-series, and the four-door 4-Gran Coupe will be back for the 2022 model year with no significant changes. However, BMW has done some tweaking in its feature list across trim levels.

2022 BMW 7-series

BMW’s flagship sedan carries over to the 2022 model year with no major changes.

2022 BMW 8-series, 8-series Gran Coupe

2022 8-series sees the return of the M8 coupe and convertible models, and also the introduction of the Alpina B8 trim into the 2022 8-series Gran Coupe lineup.

2022 BMW X1

BMW’s boxy subcompact crossover rolls right into the 2022 model year with no notable changes. But it still retains its practicality and pleasing driving manners.

2022 BMW X2

The stylish BMW X2 remains nearly the same as its 2021 model year, except for some tweaks in its features.

2022 BMW X3

The ever-practical and luxurious X3 receives a fresh styling for 2022. Its front and rear fascia have been updated, while the inside gets a redesign. BMW has also dropped the plug-in hybrid xDrive30e. A 12.3-inch display is now available. Also, the high-performance X3 M gets a performance boost for 2022.

2022 BMW X4

Like the X3, the more stylish X4 gets the same treatment in styling elements, interior designs, and performance boost from BMW.

2022 BMW X5

Except for adding the limited edition Black Vermilion model to the 2022 X5 lineup and the limited-production Competition Sport (CS) to the M5 lineup, everything else remains the same with these BMWs.

2022 BMW X6

While we don’t have many details about the 2022 X6, there’s a high chance it will come with no significant changes.

2022 BMW X7

Photos from spy shots reveal that BMW’s largest SUV could come into the 2022 model year with a new facelift along with upgraded tech features.

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